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Supplementation and Forage Quality

“Poor quality forage has less than 6-7% crude protein (CP) and is low in digestibility, with less than 50% total digestible nutrients (TDN),” say Hammack and Gill. “These deficiencies limit the amount of such forage that an animal can eat. Because both consumption and nutrient content of poor quality forage are low, supplemental needs are high. The amount a cow can eat in a day ranges from as little as 1.5% of body weight for very low quality forage to near 3.0% for very high quality forage. The typical amount is 2.0-2.5%.”

Factors and Feeds for Supplementing Beef Cows:




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Different storage methods were used and testing indicated the level of feed quality losses using each. Here’s how various storage methods of large round bales fared:

Stored on the ground with no cover, 37% loss.
Stored on tires with no cover, 29% loss.
Stored on the ground and covered, 29% loss.
Stored on tires and covered, 8% loss.
Net wrapped and on the ground, 19% loss.
Stored in the barn, 6% loss.

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